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 Dataphoria notification statement

Dataphoria notification statement

Dataphoria notification statement:Where data is received through this website, it will be used in relation to the purpose for which it was provided only, which may relate to:

Data is only disclosed by Dataphoria to third parties where they have a valid reason for receiving the data

Based on some of the activities carried out by Dataphoria and our client, Dataphoria may from time-to-time disclose personal data to a party that is overseas, where it is reasonably required for the related purpose.

The countries in which these recipients are located may include New Zealand, America, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Dubai and other countries, where this is required. Dataphoria take reasonable steps to ensure the related overseas entities do not breach the APPs.

Dataphoria have taken reasonable steps to implement practices, procedures and systems relating to our functions and activities that will help to ensure that Dataphoria, our suppliers and our clients comply with all Privacy and related Acts and that we will be able to deal with enquiries or complaints in relation to our compliance.

Dataphoria take reasonable steps to protect the personal data we collect from misuse, interference and loss and to protect it from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

When Dataphoria no longer require data we take reasonable steps to ensure that we destroy or de-identify the data.

Data is held securely by Dataphoria for the purposes it was provided by the related third parties until such time that it is no longer reasonably required. As individuals contact Dataphoria to request suppression from our databases and those of our related suppliers, this time period may be quite long. This allows for suppressions to occur when a related request is made. It also enables us to help our clients to restrict the frequency with which they contact individuals regarding their services.

Data held may include, from time-to-time, both personal and sensitive information, where the data is reasonably required to carry out our activities and where the data has been provided to us in such a way that the provider has warranted that they have not breached the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) or the APPs in collecting or passing on the information.


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